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From the experts at Bicycling, the world’s leading authority on cycling, comes a training journal unlike any other!

The Bicycling Training Journal provides the ideal framework to help you track an entire year’s worth of rides and improve your strength, speed, and endurance as you log those miles.

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This ultimate new edition of Bicycling Training Journal is packed with everything you need to achieve peak fitness and reach your goals.

  • Train for events of all types and distances, whether it’s a weekly group ride, a long weekend excursion, or a race or a fondo.
  • Discover training tips and more to keep you riding strong all year long.
  • Master Diet and Nutrition to help you achieve peak performance on every ride.
  • Week-at-a-Glance helps you summarize your weekly training quickly and easily.
  • Tip of the Week will help you get everything in tip-top shape from your diet to your saddle height.

Get motivated and stick to your training goals with a daily dose of inspiration and wisdom from the experts at Bicycling, who’ve been entertaining and informing readers since 1961.

Cycle Faster, Farther, and Stronger Than Ever Before!

You’ll have plenty of space to record facts about each day’s ride — including route, distance, weather, time — and notes on how you felt.

Analyze your data and set new goals for the next year with guidance from the experts at Bicycling.

Get the Gear Guide with the 15 tools you should own to keep your equipment in perfect form ride after ride. Keep track of your favorite equipment and bike setup to know what you like and don’t like for your next ride or trip to the bike shop. Even the simple repairs YOU can master that might save you from being stranded on a long ride.

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